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Konec leta 2020 smo intenzivno delali na produkciji nove slovenske TV serije. Trenutno smo v fazi postprodukcije pilotnega dela (originalna glasbena podlaga in color grading).

tv serija
Postprodukcija TV serije

Kako bo v prihodnjih mesecih (in morda tudi letih) trenutna situacija krojila marketinške trende / uporabo video vsebin?

Agencija Nearcreative je objavila kratek povzetek študije:


1. High production value doesn’t mean more marketing value! 🔥

Brands used to invest in huge commercial shoots, but the most viral marketing videos of today no longer need to have high production value. In fact, consumers are looking for more raw and authentic stories.

2. Length of videos is no longer as important! 🔥

Marketers have been debating how long videos should be for years. It was often said that the shorter videos perform better due to the decreasing attention span of consumers.
The disadvantage of shorter videos, however, is that it doesn’t allow brands to create too deep of a relationship with their audience. Videos that are 15 minutes or longer drives 50% of audience engagement.

3. Authenticity and storytelling are more important than ever! 🔥

Great content gets views, not the perfect video length or the highest production value. Create a compelling story that communicates your brand values.

(source: Nearcreative)


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